Downtowns and retail centers to see enhanced presence; Officers to crack down on drunk and impaired drivers

The Suffolk County Police Department will increase police patrols in shopping centers and on roadways during the holiday season to ensure a safe and enjoyable season for residents of Suffolk County.

policewreathSuffolk County Police will be conducting high visibility patrol and enforcement—from November 26 through January 1—making every effort to keep residents safe on our roadways and in areas with increased crowds. Officers will be on foot, bicycle and vehicle patrols in downtowns and shopping areas to increase safety and security and assist with crowd control if necessary.  Auxiliary police officers and officers from the Canine and Emergency Service Sections and Highway Patrol Bureau will be also be utilized when available.

As always, Suffolk County Police will take a zero-tolerance approach for anyone driving under the influence and placing the public in danger. In addition to enhanced patrols, traffic safety checkpoints will be conducted to focus on drivers who are violating laws pertaining to driving while intoxicated and the use of seatbelt and cellphones while driving.

The department’s annual Handicapped Enforcement Initiative will also begin and officers will increase enforcement of handicapped parking regulations.

“I wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.  “The Suffolk County Police Department is continually doing all it can to ensure a safe holiday season for Suffolk County residents and I encourage all residents to make responsible decisions to do the same.”

“The Suffolk County Police Department will be out in full force this holiday season making every effort to keep residents safe,” said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Edward Webber. “Officers will be saturating the roadways and shopping areas to arrest anyone who chooses to break the law and put others in danger.”

The Suffolk County Police Department would residents to be safe during the holiday season. We offer the following safety tips:

Shopping Safety Tips

          Always be aware of your surroundings when walking through shops and in parking lots.

          Park in well-lit areas.

          Avoid shopping at night if possible. If you must go at night, bring a friend/family member or notify them of your whereabouts.

          Dress comfortably and avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

          Avoid carrying a large amount of cash.

          Avoid carrying a wallet or purse if possible.

          Do not leave packages in plain view in a vehicle.

Shopping online

          Make sure computers are updated with security software.

          Keep information private and passwords secure.

          Use only secure and familiar websites for purchases.

Home Security

          Lock every door and window and secure pet doors.

          Activate security system.

          Remove any hidden keys.

          Put valuables in a safety deposit box.

          Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your house and collect mail.

          Consider putting electronics (lights, televisions) on a timer.

          Install motion sensor lights.

          Avoid posting travel plans on social media.


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