Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd Degree

Most Wanted # S-1569

DOB: 12/18/1979
SEX: Female
RACE: White 
HEIGHT: 5’03”
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green
LKA: 4th Street, Ronkonkoma

Shannon Merry is being sought by Suffolk County Police on an outstanding warrant for Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd Degree. On January 8, 2013, Merry was arrested at a Medford pharmacy after she attempted to fill a forged prescription for a narcotic medication. A warrant was issued for Merry’s arrest on May 24, 2013.

ALIAS: Shannon Wark

Anyone with information about any of these crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS Crime Stoppers of Suffolk County, Inc., is offering a  Cash Reward of up to $5000 for information leading to an arrest.

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  1. Laura DeSantis

    Shannon, where ever you are you are loved and you are missed. Please reach out. If anyone has any information, please reach out.

  2. Wherever you are, please reach out to someone. It has been 6 years since anyone has heard from you.
    Has anyone seen you????

  3. Vicky Merry

    I remember when you saved Christina from drowning in her pool surrounded by family and friends so many years ago. Please Shannon, save yourself. Come home. You are loved by many more then you know.

  4. Did she just disappear?

  5. Laura DeSantis

    No one has heard from her since March of 2013. The police will not allow me to report her as missing. Her birthday is next month. She always loved celebrating her birthday. I think of her everyday.
    So I guess, yes she just disappeared. But how does one do that????

  6. I worked with her a long time ago. She was an awesome person, but she hit a rough patch…but it’s noting she can’t overcome. Reach out to your loved ones Shannon. There are people out here who care for you.

  7. I’ve been trying to find Shannon since we lost touch. I didn’t know she was missing I assumed she was in jail for what happened…. Knowing she is missing this long. Shannon didn’t know people like that. She knew one person in the city named Tim. And the rest were Ronkonkoma people….. I haven’t heard from her since. That is not cool at all!!! Very worrisome!!

  8. Laura, Vicky- I know you are her mom. Please contact me via Facebook. I know her last movements!!!! I just thought she was arrested! Please contact me!! ALYCIA I graduated with Tim!

  9. Shannon, if you read this somehow. Please reach out. We all have the same phone numbers still. Call, please.

  10. wow. this isn’t looking like it’s going to have a happy resolution. may peace be with her family.

  11. Today you turn 40. You always loved celebrating your birthday. Wherever you are, know you are so very loved and missed ever so much. I need you more than ever, please help us find you. We all have the same phone numbers.

  12. Happy 40th Shannon! I would love nothing more than to celebrate with you. If you run across this, just know the door is always open for you. XoXo girly you are so missed!

  13. i also worked with shannon. she was a great friend. if you know of her movements, please feel free to text me
    917-409-6349 and let me know if she’s ok, or her whereabouts

  14. if Anyone knows anything please reach out. Shannon, you are so terribly missed and loved. Please someone tell us something. Someone has to know something.

  15. I did a back ground check and see some activity at 1303 Delaware ave apt 705 Wilmington DE 19806

  16. Alycia C. ☹️

    Thank you John, we have also seen that address. Thank you for putting your time in.. most listed addresses were well before her disappearce. Thank you for your efforts again.

  17. Thank you John. Delaware was before her disappearance. Did it happen to give a time
    For DE. We are searching for anything beyond April 2013. Coram has shown up but doesn’t give an address.

  18. Maybe one day someone will help us find you. Love you so!!

  19. Vicky Merry

    I will always have hope not negativity. I always thought that she would overcome this terrible time in her life. I don’t think she realized that she was loved by many friends and family that truly would have helped her. Thankyou all for trying to find Shannon. Please continue to do so. I pray that she is strong enough to come home..
    If anyone out there knows whereabouts of Shannon, please help.
    We love you Shannon and missed so very much. Mom

  20. Shannon, please help us find you. It’s been 7 years. You are missing much more than you are wanted. Please reach out!

  21. Shannon's REAL FRIEND

    It’s officially 7 years and unfortunately this family refuses to help. Though I will never stop for your Shannon. Your brother has balls to threaten me for mentioning your name!!!!! I’ll stomp on him just for what he did to torment you during your life over there. Still no report. Blocked the only person helping and spending money! The one putting life on the Line day one. Guess what you were only on my friends list to see if Shannon was there. She clearly isn’t and isn’t going back there. Even if I find her now I wouldn’t tell a damn soul and just have a private burial…. Peace and love

  22. You are loved ever so much and missed so terribly.

  23. There has to be a reason the family is not actively trying to locate her. Are they trying to hide her from the law or did something sinister happen. You would think we the background the family had with law enforcement, they would use their resources.

  24. People need to keep posting and spreading the word till, the questions are answered. Knowing that family years ago, it’s hard to fathom they’re are not seeking help or wanting to locate her. I just pray nothing sinister happened. Shame on u for not looking!!

  25. How come the parents Vicky and Jack are not listing her last known address or whereabouts? What about jack and Tim? Why the silence? If there was an address in Delaware is it a family members address. Did she go on the run or is there reason to suspect foul play. Before fingers are pointed, people need to answer these questions!!

  26. Shannon's REAL FRIEND

    The family don’t even want to hear her name. She isn’t allowed to be spoken of. They write you off and threaten you if you mention her or try. DADDY RETIRED NYPD DETECTIVE, A BROTHER IN THE MILITARY, and a drunk brother. Mother is controlled and abused as Shannon was by them. The family can ONLY make a report-7 years they haven’t. We as friends can’t! The mother acted like she wanted to help but when we were able to get HELP- NO SIGN OF HER FOR THE HOMICIDE DETECTIVES OR MISSING REPORT. Blocked and un friended. (YOU ARE WELCOME BY THE WAYI stuck up for your family knowing what you did to her) even though it’s 7 years late! It’s disgusting, the family says that they don’t want Shannon in their life even if she is found alive!!!!! I have the proof to back every bit of this up. They have done nothing but hinder any chance Shannon had of being located. As I stated I will forever look but my opinion is she is no longer here. 7 +YEARS! She would’ve been at my door within a week.
    SHANNON, I love and adore you. TRUE FAMILY ISN’T ALWAYS BLOOD. I will not hold you accountable for your families awful actions. I will continue no matter what and no matter who steps in the way. I will say your name, that you loved! SHANNON MERRY!!
    We miss you girl! You know exactly where to go if you are ok. IAM here baby and you know where if you are out there.
    Though I believe you are resting easy in Paradise. I will continue!
    Now it’s all out there!!!! I don’t care anymore after you giving up. The ridiculous thought of the magical 7 year Mark is up! My girl rest easy until I find you, they will not even know! But you knew that anyway.

  27. Shannon's REAL FRIEND

    I know the answer to most of those questions…..
    Those are answered. They don’t report bc they hate her. Have deep resentment towards her. Idk she was not so awful and deserving of death! And forever forgetting her existence they just threaten and say to leave to family out of anything Shannon related and don’t say her name!! Leave them alone!
    Wrap your head around that.

  28. Ya sister on Woodlawn

    You look so sad here I hate this picture. I remember this day like what were you thinking. So long ago it don’t matter. I remember days so many Shannon. So fun! My twin who we both thought we look nothing alike . Luckily I have amazing pictures to look back on. Just know things are good here and you got a place set here. And I THINK YOU ALWAYS KNEW THIS. Nobody need know nothing as always.

  29. Ask VICKY SHE’S ON HERE, BET SHE WON’T ANSWER. Shannon’s mother! Egg donor. Vicky Merry. Jack is her RETIRED COP HUSBAND. Shannon’s father. THEY LEFT THE STATE. The house on LI they with tiny Tim. Guarantee he threw anything left of Shannon in the trash! Jack is military but has his own place.
    They say they didn’t report they thought she was hiding? On lame charges, it’s a joke? SHE MISSED COURT BC SHE WAS MISSING not HIDING from the joke charges. She had no history and no worry. Now NY HAS BAIL REFORM. LETTING PEOPLE OUT, ZERO TO FEAR.
    Now what’s the excuse!?

    Her friends knew things were not right in a week and could do nothing!!! And the family knew her last KNOWN where abouts on DEER ROAD IN RONKONKOMA with Helen and Art! It was NOT GOOD! SHE CALLED HER FAMILY, SHUT HER DOWN!
    Blocks away from them and they didn’t give a shit!
    They let her rot and she’s never been seen again.

  30. I don’t understand people being so cavalier in stating she was abused. If she was shame on them. Is it hard to believe someone could be so strung out and not want to face her legal problems? What was her situation like before her arrest and the weeks before a warrant was issued? I’m not trying to judge but sometimes a family has reached the point, where they have to love from afar.. An since people claim to have been so close to her, Where were u? To attack a family without stating true facts of suspicious behavior, is reckless and alarming. People always come out of the woodworks and want to point fingers, rather than unite with the same intention.. Which is finding Shannon!!

  31. It’s hard to understand how u can say they left her to rot. How do u help someone, who doesn’t want it? It’s very easy to point fingers and say what you would of done. An I’m not sure in what world these charges are considered a joke. Especially to someone like her, who was obviously battling demons and probably scared of her legal situation. An to call the mother an egg donor is really not fair because although I haven’t seen that family in a long time, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, The Merrys love their kids and were at every Soccer game, for all their kids and even coached me. Say what you want about Jack being tough or hard, he cared about all his players. Although I don’t know exactly what went on that household, I’m only stating facts of what I saw personally. At least if you’re going to paint a picture of them being monsters, then know all the facts. People shouldn’t throw stones, if u live in a glass house yourself.

  32. Any connections with Gilgo?

  33. How does a family not report her missing? Whether she was going through troubling times or not, to not seek answers and help is wrong. It’s really suspicious and more questions should be asked…

  34. 7 years Shannon, 7 and not one clue, not one sign. Someone knows something. They have to. We are broken without you.

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