NYS Bail Elimination Act of 2019

In 2019, the NY State Legislature passed new legislation that they called a “Criminal Justice Reform” package. That legislation was signed into law by Governor Cuomo and officially took effect on January 1st, 2020. A portion of this package calls for the elimination of the requirement for cash bail on those arrested for the following crimes:

Here Are All The Crimes That Now Fall Under The Bail Reform Law:

Votes of NYS Senators from Long Island on the budget bill (S1509C) that contained the Criminal Justice / Bail Reform package A “Yes” vote was in support of the reform package…

A “Nay” vote was opposed to the reform package

SD 1 – (R) Kenneth LaValle (Nay)
SD 2 – (R) John Flanagan (Nay)
SD 3 – (D) Monica Martinez (Yes)
SD 4 – (R) Phil Boyle (Nay)
SD 5 – (D) James Gaughran (Yes)
SD 6 – (D) Kevin Thomas (Yes)
SD 7 – (D) Anna Kaplan (Yes)
SD 8 – (D) John Brooks (Yes)
SD 9 – (D) Todd Kaminsky (Yes)

Make New York Safe Again

By: Louis Viscusi, President of the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, Inc.